The flagship model is known worldwide for Relentless Reliability. The RoadSaver II is your "Road To Opportunity."

Better steel, better components, & Operator-friendly design separate RoadSavers from other slurry seal & micro surfacing machines. With over 35 years of testing & hundreds of units throughout the world, RoadSavers have proven to be Relentlessly Reliable.

Slurry seal & micro surfacing applications require precision, which is why all functions on RoadSavers may be monitored with a glance or controlled by fingertip, allowing the Operator’s attention to remain focused on the material being applied. Many features now found on equipment from our competitors, such as joystick controls, originated on a RoadSaver. Now the next addition to the RoadSaver line, the IIIG, further separates from the competition with a new design that requires No Side Engine.

  • 1TURBO-CHARGED DIESEL ENGINE: There’s power to spare with the 110hp diesel. This quiet, water cooled performer gets the job done. Durability, reliability plus worldwide Service and parts network make this engine the intelligent choice.
  • 2ELECTRIC OVER HYDRAULIC CONTROL SYSTEM: With the advancements in technology, we are able to mount the emulsion pump below the tank allowing an increase in available head pressure. The new location dramatically improves the pumps performance and reduces problems from cavitation. This design also includes a high volume suction filter that eliminates pump blockage from emulsion shot/contamination.
  • 3QAQC ITEMS/COMPUTERIZED DISPLAYS: State of the art electronic sensors and displays provide the real time system information on water, aggregate, emulsion and mineral filler rates. Should the electronic sensors detect any deviation from preset tolerances, an instantaneous signal will instruct the machine to initiate an automatic shutdown sequence or, if selected, sound and alarm.
  • 4DRY ADDITIVE SYSTEM: Hydraulically driven, infinitely variable, removable fines feeder with digital ratio meter allowing precise adjustment from operator control center.
  • 5OPERATOR CONTROL CENTER: "The heart of the RoadSaver II", this unique feature employs twin joysticks to control the following functions: one button sequenced start, engine throttle control, spreader box lift, shift and auger control, pugmill gate control, diverter gate control, and vibrator control.
  • 6TWIN DRIVE/TWIN SHAFT PUGMILL: Featuring twin hydraulic drives for balanced torque, this reversible, twin shaft pugmill has infinitely variable speed control. Precision design and thorough field testing assures high productivity and product uniformity. The hydraulic diverter and pugmill gate guarantee even distribution and operator control of material supplied to the box.

PURCHASE PRICE: Don't let that initial price fool you.

Some manufactures provide a "teaser" rate which represents a bare-bones machine few buyers, if any, ever select. Many times we have heard the story of buyers having a much higher price once the normal "options" are added.

We prefer to begin with a standard unit which includes many items others may charge extra for or may not even offer at all.


  • T-1 Steel Construction No Extra Cost
  • Smart-Ops Monitoring System
  • Hydraulically controlled Steel Pugmill Shutoff Gate
  • Hydraulically controlled Steel Diverter Assembly
  • Traction Master Conveyor
  • Twin-drive, twin-shaft performance Master Pugmill
  • Twin Joystick Controls